Our Mission

To render outstanding technical and adding value services to existing ammonia, methanol and hydrogen plants as well as new projects during the design, basic and detailed engineering, procurement, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up by means of enduring development of technical knowledge, qualitative and quantitative optimization of human resources, collaboration with credible companies across the world, provision of suitable environment for the transfer of technology, and self determination.


Our Vision

To evolve into the most credible engineering and consulting company in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industries.


Our Values

All activities of EGL are performed with respect to the below mentioned values:

  • Respecting and total compliance with the rights of clients, shareholders and personnel.
  • Compliance with the health, safety and environmental standards during site activities, design, engineering, procurement and construction phases.
  • Delivering technical services and consultancy activities to clients with the highest quality within the shortest possible time utilising the most applied and proven methodologies and management procedures.
  • Performing design, engineering, procurement, and commissioning activities with the highest quality within the shortest possible time with the most updated and proven design and management procedures.


Our Services

Depending on client’s requirements and specific area of mutual interest EGL scope of services would be slightly different. For existing plants EGL offers 6 different areas to add value to its clients. These include

  • Improve plant efficiency via energy audit and benchmarking,
  • Enhance throughput via debottlenecking or revamping,
  • Investigate and improve plant reliability,
  • Evaluate potential impacts of plant operation on Environment and eleminate or mitigate such impacts.
  • Investigate and enhance process safety.
  • Applied training

For new plants EGL would act as consultant or engineering firm in which case scope of technical services would include:

  • Feasibility study
  • Preparation of tender books and licensor/EPC selection
  • Project management
  • Conceptual and Basic design
  • Detail engineering
  • Procurement services
  • Pre-commission, commissioning and start up services
  • Performance test


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What else we provide?



EGL provides enhanced and bespoke solutions to each case, as we understand that plants have different objectives, limitations and potentials.



Our clients will receive their solutions in shortest period of time.


Technical Knowledge

Years of applied experience and know how reside in EGL that are utilised to meet your objectives.


Global Network

EGL has an extensive global networking to support clients all around the world.


Technical Support

EGL provides added value technical supports to clients to enable them take advantage of the best technologies in the market.


Straightforward Answers

Our customers are provided with the applied and straight forward solutions that can be easily tuned to meet their everyday needs.